How do you find your stuff?

Google works for the Internet. But what about your home or office intranet, and all your portable devices?
Written by Robin Harris, Contributor

Google works for the Internet. But what about your home or office intranet, and all your portable devices? Where's the search engine for your camera's 16 GB CF card? Now there is one: Gaviri PocketSearch.

Search is the problem of massive storage - including home storage. Many home networks are well over a 1 TB of storage split across desktops, notebooks, cellphones, music players, cameras, camcorders, thumb drives and PLDs. That's as much as a big enterprise data center 20 years ago.

Portable search Gaviri PocketSearch is the first, and AFAIK only, portable search engine. Install it on a your thumb drive, your camera, your PC or your and more and it will quickly index all the metadata. In a few minutes you'll be able to find files scattered across many systems and devices.

I was particularly impressed with the advanced search capabilities that allow you to drill down to include and exclude words, dates and file types. It is more flexible than the built-in search on XP and OS X and, of course, it searches more than just your PC. It will also search Thunderbird mail, Outlook Express dbx files and Outlook pst archives.

The product has been a well-reviewed. Since the Mac version isn't out yet I didn't review GPS myself, but I'm impressed with a search engine that can run from a flash drive without leaving any traces on the host PC.

To learn more If you have several mobile devices whose data you need to manage, check out GPS. Go to their website, check out a review or look at my 4 minute video where the CEO of Gaviri, Emeka Akaezuwa, describes and demos the product.

Disclosure: I have no financial relationship with Gaviri. I just think what they've done is cool and worth exposure to a larger audience.

The Storage Bits take Google will happily sell your business an intranet search appliance. Gaviri is the first and only home intranet search engine.

As our devices continue to grow in capacity the ability to search them will become essential. I hope manufacturers will embed home network search into their products to help us find and enjoy all the stuff we've stashed away.

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