How to job search without your boss finding out

A startup has developed a way for the already employed to take advantage of social media while job searching.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

Job seekers are increasingly turning to Twitter and other social media sites to discover job leads and promote their skills. But, if you're already employed and looking to change jobs, you can't broadcast your availability to your followers without risking, in the best case, having an awkward conversation with your boss or, in the worst case, being fired.

To help working job seeker take advantage of connections on social media, Makeshift, a London-based startup, has developed HireMyFriend. It works like this: a job hunter creates a brief, anonymous profile highlighting their experience and the type of job they're looking (see the example above). Then, instead of tweeting the profile, the job seeker asks a friend (or many friends) if they'll share the anonymous profile with their followers. If a hiring manager likes what they see, they can request to contact the potential employee. If your boss contacts you, just turn down the request and your boss can't see that it's you.

"We want everyone to find a job they love and we want to avoid awkward situations in the job search process. We want to give full-time employees the same freedom to move around that freelancers enjoy. And we want to make job searches social," said Jon Gold, a designer at Makeshift, in a post on Medium.

Plus, it provides a convenient way to let your friends know you're looking for a job. Because the more people who know you're on the market, the better.

What strategies do you use when actively looking for a job when you already have a job? Do you think HireMyFriend would improve that process?

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