How you can have four or five SIM cards in your iPhone or Android smartphone

While many high-end smartphones out there today support more than one SIM card, sometimes you need more. Much more.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

For people who want to separate their work and home life, or who travel a lot to different countries, being able to swap between SIM cards in your smartphone makes a lot of sense. And while most high-end smartphones now support multiple SIM cards, you might need more. Or perhaps you're using an older smartphone that only has one SIM slot.

Popping the SIM tray out and fiddling with tin SIM cards is a recipe for losing the SIM card -- or worse still, the tray. Losing a SIM tray is a real pain in the backside, let me tell you!

Save yourself the hassle and get yourself a tool that allows you to use multiple SIM cards.

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SIMore have been making SIM card adapters for years now, and they keep coming out with better adapters. They started out with dual-SIM adapters, and have now progressed to SIM adapters that allow you to have four or even five SIM cards in your phone.

SIMore Speed X-Four 11 Pro four-SIM adapter for the iPhone 11 Pro

SIMore Speed ZX-Four four-SIM adapter for the Galaxy Note 10+

In case you've never seen one, the SIM card adapters are SIM card holders on a thin ribbon cable with a small SIM holder on the end of it. One end goes into the SIM tray on the smartphone, and the ribbon cable feeds between the SIM tray and the body of the phone (yes, the ribbon cable is that thin!). The ribbon cable folds around the handset and rests on the back and is held in place with a case.

In addition to adapters, they also have cases for various handsets that can accommodate the adapter.

No software or jailbreaking or hacks are required. The SIM switching can be set to be automatic or manually done through the handset's settings.

Kits cost about $40 to $50, depending on whether you want to the four-SIM or five-SIM adapter. SIMore also sells dual and triple SIM adapters.

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