HP announces TouchSmart software development program, SDK

HP on Monday announced a software development program for its TouchSmart touchscreen all-in-one desktop PCs.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

HP on Monday announced a software development program for its latest TouchSmart touchscreen all-in-one desktop PCs, allowing developers to create applications for the line of PCs and digital signage displays.

The company has created a portal called the TouchSmart DevZone, where a free software development kit is available for download. The kit includes a complete set of code samples, documentation and application programming interfaces.

The site also offers news on the product and a dedicated area for developer discussion.

HP has already worked with several high-profile partners for application development for the TouchSmart line, including Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Rhapsody and Twitter.

The question is whether HP can woo the right developers for its arguably niche platform. It's also unclear how lenient the approval process will be.

HP's Interactive Solutions ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Partner Program allows independent vendors to register with HP to access technical resources and support for building apps for business TouchSmart PCs and touch-enabled and non-touch digital signage displays.

There's also an equipment discount for ISVs, available with other resources at HP's dedicated website for them.

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