HP builds out OpenStack infrastructure, adds public cloud services

HP delivers its next phase of OpenStack architecture and adds public cloud services that gets it more in the ballpark with incumbent providers.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday added another build out of its OpenStack infrastructure and added new public cloud services such as virtual private networking.

OpenStack is the open source cloud operating system championed by Rackspace initially to be followed by Red Hat, HP and a host of others. HP is using OpenStack for its private and public cloud services. The goal of OpenStack is to make swapping between cloud providers easier.

For its private cloud stack, HP said that it is rolling out an HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite, which is a bundled designed to roll out cloud services faster. The package includes Cloud OS, which is based on OpenStack and CloudSystem. HP is wrapping around services focused on support, design, networking and security to deploy private clouds too.

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Meanwhile, HP said its Moonshot servers will be offered with its Cloud OS for provisioning and workload management and hooks into its public cloud services. The company added that it has created a sandbox to test its OpenStack architecture in a try before buy arrangement.

For HP's Cloud Services, the company added larger instance types to crunch large workloads and high performance computing, virtual private cloud networking, custom image uploading and a bulk import service.

While these public cloud services are noteworthy, they largely get HP more into the game against Amazon Web Services.

HP, however, is adding services relatively quickly. The company has compute, storage, CDN, relational database, application as a service, load balancing, monitoring and messaging already in its cloud stable.

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