HP Thin Clients - discussion with Eric Croswhite

Thin clients are the "period at the end of HP's sentence"
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Eric Croswhite, worldwide product marketing manager of thin client solutions at HP, and I had a lovely conversation recently. Eric helped me make sense of the thin client portion of the desktop. thin client and monitor barrage HP launched a short while ago (see HP's desktop, thin client and monitor barrage for more information.)

My first impression is that every effort has been made to present technology enfolded in complete solutions rather than merely offering new technology for its own sake.  Eric suggested that the thin client systems are "the period at the end of the sentence" rather than standing on their own.

He suggested that organizations of all sizes are increasingly looking at thin client-based solutions because they can be utilized with server-based applications, virtualized desktop applications or web-based applications. His clients tell him that the reasons that they've gone down the thin-client path rather than installing PCs everywhere are:

  • Enhanced security and control
  • Lower cost of desktop solutions
  • Longer life cycles of the desktop solutions

When I've spoken to HP clients, about the only criticism I've heard is that the devices look "ugly and industrial."  I guess that if that is the extent of their complaints, HP is doing a very good job here.

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