HPE brings hybrid cloud-as-a-service to VMware customers

HPE is offering its GreenLake, its pay-per-use managed service, to VMware Cloud Foundation customers.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

HPE on Monday announced it's offering GreenLake, its pay-per-use managed service, for VMware Cloud Foundation customers. The integration effectively creates a hybrid cloud-as-a-service offering for customers using HPE appliances and VMware software. 

GreenLake is a fully-managed service that frees up customers from having to manage their own infrastructure. Earlier this year, HPE said GreenLake is the company's fastest growing unit -- and it's central to HPE's plan to offer its entire portfolio as-a-service by 2022. 

"The world is moving to consuming IT as as service and achiving a cloud experience, and VMware is one of the largest deployed application stacks out there," Paul Miller, HPE's VP of marketing for Converged Data Center Infrastructure, said to ZDNet. "We're enabling [customers] to get the cloud economics, the cloud speed and agility in their own data center."

By offering Cloud Foundation as a service, via GreenLake, HPE will let customers plan capacity ahead of use and only pay for what they consume. HPE says this can lower TCO by 30 percent and free up resources to accelerate the deployment of new IT projects. The solution is compatible across on and off-premise data centers. 

Customers can also leverage HPE Synergy to compose resources dynamically, as they're needed on Cloud Foundation. They can also use the HPE Right Mix Advisor to identify workloads and applications that would be ideal to move to public clouds.

Earlier this year, HPE announced a similar deal with Nutanix to offer hybrid cloud as a service. 

Meanwhile, this week at the VMworld conference, VMware is announcing its own new hybrid cloud management services. Specifically, the company is announcing VMware Cloud on Dell EMC -- scalable infrastructure delivered as-a-service to on-premise data center and edge locations, fully managed by VMware. 

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