HPE GreenLake undergoes a cloud storage services makeover

HPE hands GreenLake a data services platform as it introduces Alletra product line for cloud-native storage.
Written by Chris Duckett, APAC Editor on
Image: HPE

HPE has given its GreenLake a storage-as-a-service refresh as the company seeks to become an "edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service" entity -- essentially, bringing a cloud operation model to on-premise and co-located storage.

To get its heavily hyphenated endpoint, HPE has introduced the Data Services Cloud Console which it hopes will be the one dashboard to rule all data operations, with a single API available for developers.

"Designed to deliver a broad collection of cloud data services, it is based on proven, secure, cloud-native technology that underpins Aruba Central -- the engine that serves millions of devices connected across tens of thousands of customers in clusters deployed around the world," the company explained.

HPE is also introducing its Data Ops Manager through the cloud console to manage data infrastructure, and provide intent-based provisioning, which the company said would end the days of worrying about IOPS, RAID levels, and block sizes.

On the hardware front, the company is launching its Alletra products, touted as being "cloud-native data infrastructure". Two NVMe boxes, the 9000 for mission-critical apps and the 6000 for those less so, are designed to be put onto a network, spun up, and have the relevant settings pulled down from the cloud.

In the future, the company plans for Alletras to have "invisible upgrades" brought down from the cloud.

For support, HPE said thanks to predictive analytics, it is able to automate level 1 and 2 issues, which means customers jump straight into level 3 support when needed, and results in 69% faster time to resolve issues.

"We are bringing that cloud operational model that experience to our customers where ever their data lives," said HPE Storage general manager Tom Black.

"This has been again a very significant project to undertake and represents a real pivot of one of HP's largest core businesses to a more cloud-native, software-driven, cloud-first approach."

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