Huawei demands $12m compensation from Samsung for IP violation

Huawei has extended its smartphone patents infringements case to Samsung's China subsidiary and is claiming 80 million yuan ($12 million) regarding Samsung's S7 models.
Written by Cyrus Lee, Contributor

Huawei Technologies has collected substantial evidence through the purchase of Samsung's high-end handsets to prove the Korean conglomerate's smartphones infringe their patents, according to a Sina news report on Wednesday.

A total of 16 products infringed Huawei's patent rights, the Chinese company alleges, and is demanding 80 million yuan ($12 million) as compensation against Samsung (China) Investment Co, the Beijing-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, along with joint defendants Samsung Electronics Huizhou Co and Tianjin Samsung Telecom Technology Co.

Under the supervision of notaries, the Chinese company on April 5 bought a Galaxy S7 SM-G9300 model handset and a Galaxy S7 edge SM-G9350 model handset, both manufactured by Samsung Electronics Huizhou Co, at an electric appliance store in Quanzhou -- a third-tier Chinese city of Fujian province.

Huawei also bought a Galaxy J5 (SM-J5008 model) handset, manufactured by Tianjin Samsung Telecom Technology Co, at a local telecom operator, according to the report. Huawei said that after analysis it found the Samsung mobile phones with all the technical features of an invention patent.

The company has also presented advertisements on the website and retail channels of various Samsung smartphones in the country to the Quanzhou Intermediate People's Court, which has already heard the case.

According to Wednesday's Sina report, Huawei alleges to have been granted a patent for certain technical solutions on terminal displays by China's State Intellectual Property Office on June 5, 2011. Of the 16 claims within the patent, eight of them have been infringed, it alleges.

In late May this year, Huawei announced lawsuits filed in both China and the US, seeking compensation for "using its 4G cellular technology, operating systems, and user interface software".

Huawei is also suing T-Mobile for 4G patent infringement.

As of December 31, 2015, Huawei said it has been granted 50,377 patents globally, an earlier report showed.

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