Huawei eyes self-driving cars: Report

Following its successful telecom equipment and smartphone businesses, Huawei has ramped a team with over 200 talent to test its driverless cars, according to Chinese reports.
Written by Cyrus Lee, Contributor

Chinese technology giant Huawei has long been carrying out its ambitions on autonomous cars, and the number of relevant developers involved in its plans has exceeded 200, according to a NetEase report on Thursday, citing unnamed sources.

Information from supply chains showed that Huawei's R&D teams on driverless cars spread across a number of Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan, as well as Silicon Valley in the US. The report also indicated that Huawei's driverless car program falls into its smart city blueprint, which has drawn as many as 9,000 developers.

An earlier Chinese report on Tuesday also revealed that Huawei is now teaming up with one of the most prestigious universities in China, Tsinghua University, to develop a driverless car.

The report further said that the car in development is an All-Wheel Drive and is able to avoid pedestrians automatically and realize automatic parking, but the rumored car remains at the embryonic stage and the appearance is crude.

Huawei has never openly acknowledged its involvement in automobile development. In October 2016, Huawei issued a statement to deny media reports that it was planning to work with Canadian automotive supplier Magna to manufacture Huawei cars.

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