Hyundai, Cisco come together to create 'computers on wheels'

Hyundai wants to push the automotive industry further by developing a "high-performing computer on wheels."
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Hyundai Motor Group and Cisco are partnering in a new push to further research in the connected car industry.

The South Korean firm has developed a roadmap for connected car development which will eventually lead to the creation of the "hyper-connected and intelligent car" concept.

Automakers and tech firms alike, ranging from Apple and Google to Chrysler and General Motors are all focused on innovation in the connected car industry. Autonomous driving, the use of cameras and sensors and internet-connected infotainment dashboards are only some of the developments which have become commercial over the past few years -- and the industry is likely to become a strong revenue generator in the future.

In the short term for Hyundai, however, the focus will be on bringing smartphone connectivity and smart home services to vehicles, the firm said in a press release.

The automaker also intends to develop technology including smart remote maintenance services, autonomous driving, a connected mobility hub and smart traffic controls for next-generation, connected vehicles.

Hyundai said:

"This initiative will provide users with a hub of knowledge, plus the ability to analyse and utilise all information to enhance owner's lives.

The hyper-connected and intelligent car' goes beyond converging communications technology and the vehicle to become a high-performing computer on wheels'. This is a concept of connecting the car to other cars, the office and to the city."

According to the company, the smart remote maintenance service will diagnose and fix vehicle issues, autonomous driving will improve driver safety by connecting the car to city infrastructure and networks, smart traffic controls will help reduce congestion in urban environments and the mobility hub will bring all of these smart features together.

Hyundai says that the company will collaborate with global IT and networking firms, and according to Reuters, Cisco is among those chosen.

In the long term, the companies will focus on in-vehicle networks, boosting transfer speeds for high data volumes and boosting computer power for control systems. In addition, the automaker plans to research big data analytics and security solutions.

"The car is the last frontier to bridge the missing link in future connected life," the firm says. "Hyundai's connected car roadmap will accelerate the development of new technologies that help place mobility at the center of customers' lives."

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