​IBM adds Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU to its cloud

IBM Cloud's move to be among the first to offer Nvidia's latest GPUs highlights how the company is gunning for AI and machine learning workloads.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM said it will offer the latest Nvidia GPU, the Tesla P100, in the IBM Cloud as it aims to grab artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high performance computing workloads.

Big Blue said it is among the first to offer Nvidia's latest processors. The two companies are key partners on multiple fronts since 2014.

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Nvidia is increasingly becoming a data center player as graphics processors take a bigger role in analytics workloads. IBM, Nvidia, Google and a bevy of others are partners in the OpenPower group, which aims to serve as a counterweight to Intel.

IBM Cloud customers can equip Bluemix bare metal servers with two Nvidia Tesla P100 accelerator cards. The Tesla P100 will be available on IBM Cloud in May.

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