IBM adds TensorFlow support to its PowerAI

IBM said that Google's open source TensorFlow machine learning and neural network software is getting enterprise traction.


IBM said it is offering support for Google's open source machine learning technology TensorFlow with its PowerAI software.

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The move highlights ongoing collaboration between tech giants in the AI space including Google, Nvidia, IBM, and AMD.

According to IBM, TensorFlow has become popular among enterprises looking to use deep learning frameworks. By offering PowerAI support, enterprises will have more options to use TensorFlow.

Specifically, PowerAI, which runs on IBM's Power8 architecture, will support the TensorFlow 0.12 framework. PowerAI is an enterprise distribution of open source machine and deep learning frameworks. PowerAI is designed to ride along with IBM's Power Systems S822LC for HPC systems.

This distribution of PowerAI also supports Chainer, a deep learning framework. PowerAI includes several open source frameworks and libraries for machine learning.

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