IBM aims to make Watson a set of microservices that can run across multiple clouds

IBM is increasingly plugging into multiple cloud environments--public, hybrid and private--and now aiming to expand the reach of Watson.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM said it is making its Watson cognitive and artificial intelligence technology portable to multiple clouds.

With move, IBM is looking to expand the reach of Watson, which is available via IBM's cloud platform and various applications. The idea is that IBM will enable Watson AI to be embedded in apps and business process automation.

In the big picture, IBM's Watson plan falls under its multi-cloud efforts. IBM is increasingly plugging into multiple cloud environments--public, hybrid and private. Watson's suite of applications, developer tools and models will be part of IBM Cloud Private (ICP) for Data.

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Multicloud has been a big theme in 2019 among the top cloud providers.

By folding Watson services such as Watson Assistant and Watson OpenScale into ICP for Data, Big Blue is turning its AI technology into microservices that'll sit in Kubernetes and be able to run across multiple clouds.

ICP for Data is an architecture that integrates data science, engineering and application development tools. Watson Studio is included along with R, TensorFlow and other frameworks.

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Specifically, IBM is building Watson microservices for ICP for Data based on Watson OpenScale and Watson Assistant. Watson Studio and Watson Machine Learning are also available on ICP for Data. IBM said its Watson Knowledge Studio and Watson Natural Language Understanding will be available later this year.

Ultimately, Watson services are likely to be available across Red Hat, which is being acquired by IBM.

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