IBM aims to meld AI with human resources with Watson suite

According to IBM, its suite of AI tools can help HR become a growth engine to enable digital transformation.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM has launched a unit designed for human resources to better find talent and recruit using artificial intelligence.

The company is wrapping its latest HR effort, dubbed IBM Talent & Transformation, which includes select Watson services. According to IBM, its suite of AI tools can help HR become a growth engine to enable digital transformation. AI can be used to revamp workflow, employee engagement, recruitment and retention while providing a more diverse workforce.

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Big Blue's Talent & Transformation suite includes a Watson Talent Suite that rolls up behavioral science, AI and psychology and applies it to HR. IBM Talent & Transformation will include Big Blue's partnership with Workday. IBM and Workday are implementation and cloud partners.

Components include:

  • Watson Recruitment, which analyzes a company's employment history and external data to find success factors for a role. AI then surfaces the most qualified categories.
  • Watson Candidate Assistant, which looks through the history of job seekers and matches them with openings and infers skills.
  • Watson Career Coach, a virtual coach to provide advice for career paths.
  • Watson Talent Frameworks to include skills needed for talent strategy with the aim of futureproofing the talent base.
  • Adverse Impact Analysis, which uses AI to identify and address unconscious bias across an organization.

These services were developed for IBM's internal HR team and the company claims it drove $107 billion in benefits in 2017 with better employee satisfaction. IBM will complement its HR effort with an AI Skills Academy for technology and business professionals. IBM Garage, which serves as a test bed to meld HR, AI and culture, will also be available.

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Update: Clarified that Watson Talent Suite is under IBM Talent & Transformation.

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