IBM and Nato join up for data-sharing project

The trade organisation and the company have partnered to improve datacentre efficiency as well as creating a cloud-computing model that could help military operations
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and IBM are teaming up on a project that aims to improve data sharing between the group's 28 member countries.

Nato/IBM partnership image

IBM joins Nato on a data-sharing project that includes a cloud-computing model for the military. Photo credit: Nato

Under the deal, IBM and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) will aim to improve datacentre efficiency as well as information sharing. The partnership will also aim to create a cloud-computing model that could be used for other military operations.

According to the current plan, an on-premise cloud-computing project will network together various command, control, surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance efforts. The aim is to cut the time it takes to roll out new technologies.

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