IBM, AT&T to meld Internet of Things platforms

The two companies are collaborating to offer a joint package aimed at speeding up Internet of Things deployments.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM and AT&T said they will combine their cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to make them interoperable and to provide developers with easier tools.

The partnership combines IBM's Bluemix platform as a service with its Watson IoT platform with AT&T's network and IoT offerings. The combined IoT suite will be hosted on IBM's cloud.

For IBM, the aim is to attract more developers and to make it easier to tie in Watson's cognitive computing tools into various enterprise touch points. AT&T is looking to be a connectivity player as IoT is more widely adopted.

Last month, IBM forged an IoT deployment pact with Cisco.

According to IBM and AT&T, their collaboration will give developers more analytics from connected devices. The developer tools are based on open-standards.

Big Blue added that it is landing more than 20,000 developers a month and building more than 120,000 apps in the same time frame.

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