IBM eyes new systems with 'integrated expertise' built in

IBM on April 11 will "unveil a new era of computing" and a "new family of expert integrated systems," according to hardware chief Rod Adkins.

NEW YORK -- Rod Adkins, senior vice president for IBM Systems and Technology, said Wednesday morning that the company plans to launch a series of systems that will have "integrated expertise" built in.

Speaking at a Wall Street event for customers and prospective customers at Cipriani restaurant in Manhattan, Adkins foreshadowed an April event: on April 11, IBM will "unveil a new era of computing" and a "new family of expert integrated systems," he said.

In other words, IBM is looking to launch a sequel to its "A Smarter Planet" initiative. IBM has long been trumpeting a new "learning age" for computing. (Sounds like an army of mini Watsons to me.)

Adkins, who talked about intelligence being embedded on every device, said that these new systems will combine IBM's semiconductor, research and services advances in an integrated system.

"These systems will continue to evolve the notion of smarter computing," he said.

The company plans to drop further hints leading up to the April launch, according to Adkins. Big Blue has said that it sees Watson's technology being leveraged in multiple industries. Now it sounds like these systems will be rolling out in a more prepackaged format.

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