IBM gets R big data on-ramp for Watson via Columbus Collaboratory

IBM is looking to enhance its connection between Watson and data scientists via an R extension called CognizeR.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM's Watson

IBM's Watson will use an open source R extension that aims to give data scientists more access to cognitive computing.

Columbus Collaboratory, which is an Ohio-based analytics and security outfit, is launching CognizeR on GitHub. The code aims to simplify access to Watson via an extension to R, which is a programming language designed for statistical analysis of large data sets.

Via the R extension, data scientists will tap into Watson's artificial intelligence services without leaving their R applications.

CognizeR will include Watson Language Translation, Personality Insights, Tone Analyzer, Speech to Text, Text to Speech, and Visual Recognition. IBM is hoping to collect feedback from data scientists and refine Watson.

Columbus Collaboratory was founded by seven enterprises including CardinalHealth, Nationwide, and American Electric Power, looking to develop analytics and security software.

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