IBM launches flash arrays for smaller enterprises, aims to court EMC, Dell customers

IBM's latest Storwize systems start at $19,000 and come with an integration program.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM launched all-flash arrays designed for small and midsized companies.

The company is also aiming a migration program designed to poach customers from the likes of Dell and EMC. IBM's "Flash In" migration program is carried out by its various partners. Via Flash In, IBM is looking to integrate its systems with storage rivals or replace them.

IBM launched the Storwize V7000F and Storwize 5030F as mid-range and entry level flash systems. The systems come with Spectrum Virtualize, which is software designed for data compression, provisioning, and snapshots across various systems.

The Storwize 7000F boosts performance and supports more clustering to manage data. In addition, the Storwize 5030F is an entry-level system.

Overall, Big Blue is hoping that the new systems will be used for workloads for SQL Server to MySQL to the Internet of Things.

IBM said the systems start at $19,000.

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