IBM, Lightbend partner to build cognitive enterprise tech

The partnership will result in the development of enterprise-grade cognitive applications on-premise and in the cloud.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

IBM and Lightbend have come together to build cognitive computing solutions designed for the enterprise.

On Wednesday, IBM and San Francisco-based, app development platform Lightbend said the collaboration will result in a new platform which utilizes data analytics, cognitive technologies, machine learning, and data science tools.

The platform will be designed for Java and Scala developers and it is hoped it will become a "destination for developers to build and deploy cognitive business solutions."

The strategic deal between the two companies will also result in the creation of new code, tools, and documentation to assist developers in building Java and Scala-based apps on the Lightbend Reactive Platform, an open-source app development platform for building scalable reactive enterprise software.

IBM's cloud solutions, including app management services, the Watson Data Platform and a host of other systems across the cognitive intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and security environments will be integrated within the platform.

"IBM and Lightbend have a history of collaboration but this strategic investment and relationship will allow enterprise developers to both reap the benefits of the Lightbend Reactive Platform while integrating IBM's cognitive development tools, resources and support," the companies say.

The companies plan to make the Lightbend Reactive Platform available in the coming weeks through IBM's Cloud as an integrated bundled solution with WebSphere Application Server.

"Working with IBM on an integrated platform for cognitive development is a natural progression of our work to support advanced cognitive application development," said Mark Brewer, CEO of Lightbend. "IBM brings important code and tools to our customers and the Java and Scala communities, [and] IBM's support of Lightbend and the Reactive Platform is a validation of where we think cognitive development is going and what is required by the developers building that future."

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In May, IBM updated PowerAI, the firm's deep learning software distribution package, to become more accessible for data scientists and quicker for developers to integrate computer vision into their applications.

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