IBM Security to acquire Agile 3 Solutions to boost risk management portfolio

Big Blue says the deal will give decision makers a deeper understanding of cyberattacks and the risk they pose.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

IBM has revealed plans to acquire Agile 3 Solutions to give clients tools and a platform to understand how cyberattacks can damage their businesses and to better protect their companies through risk management.


On January 23, IBM said in a press release that the deal is intended to improve the IBM Security risk management portfolio and will help users of C-Suite software, especially at board level, to make more informed decisions on risk.

Financial details were not disclosed.

San Francisco-based Agile 3 Solutions is a privately-held company which offers businesses a platform and dashboards that condense statistics and feeds into an easy-to-use hub for understanding risk and controlling data-related risk patterns.

The solutions on offer monitor, uncover, and analyze risk factors related to cyberthreats, and visualizes this information to make it more easily digestible than facts and figures.

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The deal is expected to close within several weeks. Once complete, IBM will offer Agile 3 Solutions through IBM Security Services, and the company also plans to integrate the technology into IBM Guardium.

In addition, IBM intends to acquire Ravy Technologies, a subcontractor of Agile 3 Solutions.

"After thousands of client engagements, we've seen security move from the back office to the front office and now to the board room," said Marc van Zadelhoff, general manager of IBM Security. "Adding Agile 3 Solutions to the IBM Security immune system of capabilities gives our team the ability to not only protect critical data, but demonstrate why it is at risk, and how to remediate that risk.

"Knowing what your crown jewel data is, and understanding its susceptibility to exploitation via external or insider threats, is an imperative for any organization," Zadelhoff added.

In January, IBM revealed fourth-quarter earnings which beat analyst expectations despite a drop in revenue for the 19th-consecutive quarter. The company reported net income of $4.5 billion, or $4.73 a share, while analysts expected to see $4.88 per share on revenue of $18.28 billion.

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