IBM's Q4 mixed, hardware unit tanks

IBM's challenge: Its new businesses aren't growing fast enough to offset struggling units such as the hardware division.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM's fourth quarter results were a mixed bag as the company’s earnings were better than expected, but revenue missed estimates as hardware sales tanked.

For the fourth quarter, IBM reported earnings of $6.2 billion, or $5.73 a share, on revenue of $27.7 billion, down 5 percent from a year ago. Non-GAAP earnings for the fourth quarter was $6.13 a share.

Wall Street was looking for non-GAAP fourth quarter earnings of $5.99 a share on revenue of $28.25 billion. IBM missed its revenue targets every quarter in 2013.

For 2013, IBM reported earnings of $16.5 billion, or $14.94 a share, on revenue of $99.8 billion, down 5 percent.

As for the outlook, IBM projected 2014 net income of $17 a share and non-GAAP earnings of $18 a share. Both of those projections are ahead of the $16.96 a share (GAAP) and $17.97 (non-GAAP) expected by Wall Street for 2014.

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IBM's biggest challenge is growing its up-and-coming units like Watson, analytics, e-commerce, mobile and cloud fast enough to offset its businesses that are struggling. CEO Ginni Rometty said that the executive team will forgo annual incentives since performance isn't up to expectations.

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The biggest thorn in IBM's fourth quarter results is the hardware division. The systems and technology division reported operating income of $206 million, down 79 percent from a year ago, on revenue of $4.3 billion, down 26 percent from a year ago. System Z, Power Systems, System x and storage revenue was whacked.

Martin Schroeder, IBM CFO, said on an earnings conference call that the company can hit its 2015 plan to deliver at least $20 a share in operating earnings. The hardware business, however, is a drag. 

In hardware we've entered the back end of the mainframe product cycle and we're dealing with some challenges in other areas. Together, these are impacting our overall results.


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Technology services revenue was down 4 percent in the fourth quarter to $9.9 billion and business services sales were up 1 percent to $4.7 billion.

Among the key points from Schroeder on the conference call:

  • "We'll acquire key capabilities. We'll divest businesses and we'll rebalance our workforce as we continue to return value to shareholders."
  • IBM's security business is doing well and the company has 6,000 experts in the security practice.
  • IBM's goal for its hardware unit for 2014 is to keep profit levels about where they are so it doesn't hurt overall earnings. However, IBM doesn't see a low-margin hardware business as an operating model in the future.

IBM's software division also had trouble growing with fourth quarter revenue of $8.1 billion, up 3 percent from a year ago. Software operating income was $4.2 billion, up 6 percent from a year ago.

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By geography, IBM fared well in many regions, but took a big hit in China for the second consecutive quarter as sales fell 23 percent. Schroeder said:

The largest declines in the China were in our hardware business. We continue to be impacted by the process surrounding the implementation of a broad-based economic reform plan. While there is more clarity on the overall plan, we continue to believe that it will take some time for our business in China to improve.

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