IDC: Smartphones drive the Q2 mobile market train

Samsung remains the world's biggest smartphone leader, as it takes advantage of the quiet Apple spell by selling more than 10 million Samsung Galaxy S III devices in the run up to the iPhone 5's launch.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

IDC figures show the worldwide mobile phone market grew by a mere 1 percent in the second-quarter year on year, but good news for Samsung and Apple as the market leaders shipped more than half of the world's smartphones.

All in all, 406 million mobile device units were shipped compared to 401.8 million in the same quarter a year ago, while smartphones drove the second quarter train with a massive 42 percent push year on year.


On the whole, mobile phone growth is wholly disappointing. IDC noted that this was the "lowest growth rate since Q4 2009," and despite the 42 percent rise, IDC expected to see 43.1 percent for the quarter. 

Both Samsung and Apple continue to see huge growth in their overall market share. While Nokia dipped, and HTC suffered a blow in smartphone shipments, ZTE remained mostly flat but rebounded by taking HTC's space where it failed in smartphone shipments.

Breaking down the numbers, Apple saw 26 million smartphone shipments, a growth by 6 million on 2011's figures. Samsung now stands at 50.2 million units, coming close to doubling Apple's market share for the second quarter.

Nokia, despite its financial troubles, managed to come in third place after shipping more than 10 million smartphones worldwide, matching the Finland-based firm's own second quarter results.

However, in the mobile phone space, Nokia stands at second place thanks to its edge in the emerging market; something Apple continues to strive towards, but has yet to achieve. Nokia shipped 83.7 million mobile devices, marking 20.6 percent in market share, just shy of Samsung's 24.1 percent.

Samsung seemingly gained by three-fold on Nokia's close-to two percent drop.

IDC said it expects long-term mobile phone and smartphone shipment demand to grow steadily this year. With Apple's iPhone 5 expected out later this year, it will surely drive demand and up the stakes against arch-rival Samsung.

Image credit: IDC.

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