IFROGZ Cocoon earbud charging case: Charge, carry, and store your wireless audio gear

With the removal of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack from phones, wireless headsets are required to enjoy your media content. A new accessory is designed to help keep those headphones charged at all times.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Wireless earbuds are a staple of today's smartphone user with one of the main issues being the battery life of those earbuds. ZAGG recently released the IFROGZ Cocoon earbud charging case to help you keep your wireless earbuds topped off at all times.

For $29.99, you can choose either a gray/navy or gray/red color combination for the Cocoon case. The soft touch matte finish case has a wide band of fabric that give the case a nice, professional look and feel.

The lid is secured to the base with a silicone band that you extend out and down over the silicone latch found in the center of the fabric material. This band and latch hold the lid securely in place.

On the bottom of the Cocoon is a button with four bright white LED lights. Press the button to see the lights illuminate with the current battery status. The Cocoon has an embedded 580 mAh battery that is advertised to charge up wireless earbuds four or five times. The Cocoon charges up via the microUSB port found on the back of the case.

Lift up the lid of the case to find a nice silicone mesh divider in the lid so you can store adapters, small cables, keys, or other items in the case. There is a USB-A port in the back of the bottom and the retail package includes a very short microUSB cable you can use to attach to this port and charge up your earbuds.

There is quite a bit of room in the Cocoon and I was even able to connect and enclose the Jabra Elite Active 65t earbuds. These types of wireless earbuds have their own battery case, but if you are traveling or commuting long hours then you may want to use the Cocoon to charge up that specific battery case and then charge up your earbuds.

The Cocoon is primarily designed for wireless earbuds that do not have their own charging case, such as the Fitbit Flyer, Jaybird earbuds, or BlueAnt Pump HD. These earbuds have a wire connecting the earbuds with a microUSB port embedded in the headset itself to facilitate easy charging.

The Cocoon is a nice accessory for the gym or commuter who uses their headsets and may forget to charge them up after a workout or train ride. If you put a longer cable in the Cocoon, then you can even charge up your wireless earbuds while using them if the earbuds are completely dead.

IFROGZ Cocoon earbud charging case: in pictures

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