Increase productivity with the Stowaway Sierra BT keyboard

Compact foldable keyboards are popular for entering large amounts of data on a mobile device or Tablet PC and there are several alternatives on the market. ThinkOutside used to sell a large keyboard with proprietary connectors to devices and finally released this keyboard with an integrated Bluetooth radio. It works with something over 500 mobile devices and Kevin Tofel has his in hand to be used with his Samsung Q1.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Credit: jkOnTheRun.com

As regular readers know I take my Samsung Q1 UMPC on the road for work all the time and am actually hitting the road for 3 days today. When I know I'll be entering lots of text I pack along my ThinkOutside Bluetooth Keyboard and rechargeable AAA batteries. This keyboard works well, but it does get to be a bit of pain to use the green and blue function buttons to type any numbers. This is especially painful as an engineer when I am trying to fill out an Excel spreadsheet. Kevin Tofel just posted a full review of the new iGo Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth keyboard that he picked up for about US$100 on Amazon. The footprint of the keyboard is about the same as the smaller one I have, but it is about twice as thick. It is this thick because it folds open in 4 pieces rather than 2 and is a full size keyboard with a dedicated number row. Kevin showed lots of pics and even a good comparison of the model I have on top of the new model. I think my productivity would seriously increase with this keyboard and may get rid of my current model for this one soon as well.


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