Industry startups focusing on improving business information

I have been looking at some innovative startups out of Israel that could ease your business operations in your organisation.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

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These startups have discovered innovative solutions for organisations that want to tap into extra data and collaborate across the organisation.

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Chorus.ai captures, store, and analyses team calls and meetings. It captures customer-facing conversations and transcribes them into the CRM system so that you can search, share, and analyze information abut customers in the pipeline.

Its data suggests that less than one-third of competitive deals are marked as such in the CRM because the information has to be manually entered. These early calls might not even be on a sales manager's radar and certainly not in the pipeline. This AI solution helps to secure the missing conversations.

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Hibob is a people management platform that shows relationships, reporting structures, teams, and departments. Managers can analyse data by teams showing payroll, salary, or holiday information.

It provides a talent management package for performance evaluations, a repository for company documents, and workflows to help staff run projects and progress. It also has a selection of employee benefits and perks for staff to utilise.


Cloud online live and on-demand video platform, Kaltura, with OTT partner Vewd, has brought Sesame Street to viewers worldwide.

It has used the Sesame Street streaming TV app for Vewd-enabled connected TV devices. It also provides training and collaboration video solutions for enterprises, educators, and telecoms companies.

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Airobotics and Percepto

Israel is well known as an innovation space for drones, with over 30 Israeli drone startups working with industry worldwide. Two Israeli autonomous drone companies are helping drive change. Percepto has recently announced a partnership with Energy Giant Enel to provide drone surveillance to the Torrevaldaliga Nord power plant in Italy, and Airobotics is working on an Israeli port project intended to increase maritime traffic.

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