InFocus creates Wi-Fi projector module

Projector company InFocus has launched an 802.11b wireless module that enables virtually any projector to connect with a Wi-Fi-enabled computer
Written by Munir Kotadia, Contributor

InFocus launched a wireless projector module on Thursday that enables a standard projector to receive signals from an 802.11b-enabled notebook or desktop PC.

The InFocus LiteShow is an 802.11b interface and a piece of software that needs to be loaded onto the client PC before use. Instead of connecting the projector with a cable, the LiteShow module recognises that a Wi-Fi-enabled PC is within range and enables that PC's user to take control of the projector.

Once the user has finished with the projector, it can be released from that particular PC's control and made available to another user.

LiteShow uses standard Wi-Fi 802.11b technology, which allows an 11Mbps connection from a distance of up to 300 feet. The module can be used on any projector that has an M1-DA or M1-D standard connector, which, according to InFocus, makes the device compatible with virtually all its models over the past four years. The system is also compatible with the majority of projectors from vendors such as HP and Toshiba. The system also supports the Apple AirPort wireless LAN adapter.

"LiteShow is the first truly user-friendly wireless system for projection technology," said John Harker, chairman and chief executive of InFocus. "We set out to create a wireless system with the same performance and security as a cabled system, without requiring an IT professional to set it up," he added.

The InFocus LiteShow device will go on sale this summer for around £357.

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