Infor buys retail software maker Starmount

Infor said it acquired Starmount to bolster CloudSuite Retail with more converged commerce offerings.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Enterprise software vendor Infor said it has acquired Starmount to bolster CloudSuite Retail with more converged commerce offerings. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

CloudSuite Retail is Infor's industry-focused ERP platform for merchants. Starmount makes point-of-sale, mobile shopping, and store inventory management software for omni-channel retailers.

Infor has been keenly focused on the retail industry since the launch of its Infor Retail business unit last summer. The launch coincided with a collaboration with Whole Foods Market to implement and iterate on the CloudSuite Retail platform, with Whole Foods serving as a sort of test lab for how the software could revamp its merchandising and supply chain operations.

Infor subsequently announced the acquisitions of GT Nexus for supply chain network, Predictix for demand management, and now Starmount for store systems.

Infor also announced Monday the launch of a new digital consultancy business. Called H&L Digital, the unit will provide "digital-as-a-service" offerings, which Infor said it will help customers generate new revenue streams and create differentiated IP.

H&L Digital is essentially a client-facing extension of Hook & Loop, the company's in-house application design agency, geared toward Infor customers' customers. The new division will be led by Infor Chief Creative Officer Marc Scibelli, who spearheaded the creation of Hook & Loop in 2012.

"The rise of powerful digital platforms and networks has sparked significant changes in the way we all work, communicate and sell," said Scibelli. "H&L Digital will help Infor customers create new cloud solutions to differentiate their businesses and retain their customers in a strong digital ecosystem."

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