InScribe text entry for UMPC/Tablet PC available for free

Ilium Software just brought their revitalized InScribe text entry application out of beta and are making it available to the community for free. Download this virtual keyboard utility and give it a try on your UMPC.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

After posting last month about the upcoming Ilium Software InScribe text entry application I was given a chance to play with the beta for a few weeks. I did find one issue where a conflict between ActiveWords and InScribe did not allow me to use both at the same time and Ilium Software was quick to find the issue and start working on a fix. I just now read on jkOnTheRun that Ilium has now released the full version and to top it off they are offering it for FREE for UMPC and Tablet PC users right now. Go download InScribe and give it a try.

You can use InScribe as a standard tappable QWERTY keyboard or you can use it like it is designed to be used with sliding your stylus across the keyboard and when you change direction the character you turned on appears so text entry can be made very fast and fluid. You can maximize the keyboard for the UMPC screen, change the transparency, and even create a custom keyboard layout. I tried a couple layouts that Ilium had in the beta, such as one for browsing and email that had things like the @ symbol and .com as characters on the keyboard. BTW, for those of you that were Handheld PC owners back in the day you may remember that InScribe was first created to work on the HPC platform back in 1997 and was Ilium Software's first application.

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