Intel bringing Xeon to laptops with E3-1500M v5 Skylake processor family

For the first time, the chip giant will be creating its enterprise CPUs in notebook friendly form factors for mobile workstations shipping this fall.
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor
Intel's Xeon processors have powered servers and other enterprise PCs for years, but if you wanted their performance and security features for on-the-go computing, you were stuck having to buy notebooks by boutique builders like Eurocom that stuffed the desktop chips into massive laptops.

The chip giant has apparently seen a need in the mobile workstation market for a better solution, as the company has just announced that it will be delivering Xeon-based notebook processors for the first time this fall. The Xeon Processor E3-1500M v5 family will be based on the new Skylake 14nm architecture and will be shipping in high-powered laptops starting this fall.

While Intel has powerful CPUs for notebook computing -- like the Core i7-4940MX Extreme Edition -- the E3-1500M will offer buyers more enterprise-friendly features to go along with top-tier performance. These include error-correcting code memory, which can fix potential data corruption errors automatically, as well as the company's vPro technology for enhanced security and remote management. Workstations featuring the Xeon mobile processors will include Thunderbolt 3 interface technology, and Intel promises certifications for design and content-creation software that will be run on the notebooks.

What the company hasn't mentioned are the specs for the E3-1500M v5 processors, though we know that Skylake should bring the usual faster performance (including integrated graphics, which workstation users won't be relying on anyway) and improved battery life that each new iteration of Intel's Core processors delivers. Considering the power-hungry apps that will be used with these Xeon chips, the increased battery life will be critical, though expecting hours and hours of juice might be expecting too much for this class of CPU. More details are expected on Skylake CPUs at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum, so stay tuned.

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