Intel cancels 800Mhz Xeon processor

Enterprise customers prefer to wait for a more powerful upgrade
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Chip manufacturer Intel announced Thursday that it will not produce any large-cache 800MHz Xeon microprocessors because of customer objections. Intel's customers do not want the high-power processor to be updated so quickly and have requested a more marked power increase over a longer period of time, said an Intel spokesman.

"Customers have come back to us and said they want us to slow down the rate that at which we get processors updated," said the spokesman. "In the longer term they want to get more use and stability."

Only the more expensive 800MHz Xeons, with 1MB and 2MB of high-speed cache built onto the chip, are to be cancelled, according to Intel.

Intel will instead leap from the 700MHz version that was released in May to a 900MHz edition of the high-end enterprise processor to debut in the first quarter of 2001.

This cancellation reflects the different demands of the enterprise marketplace, according to Intel. "Essentially we're listening to our customers," says the spokesman.

The first of Intel's new 64-bit Itanium processors is also due to appear in the next few months with both 2Mb and 4Mb cache.

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