Intel Capital announces plans to invest $117M in 14 startups

The investments cover companies building new AI platforms, new approaches to chip design, and new solutions for communications, manufacturing and health care.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Intel Capital on Monday announced $117 million in new investments in 14 startups, spanning AI, communications, manufacturing and health care. The large figure represents Intel Capital's recently-adopted strategy of taking larger, more strategic positions in portfolio startups, the organization said.

As Intel Corporation's global investment arm, Intel Capital typically puts $300 million to $500 million a year into companies across a wide range of emerging technologies. In a statement, Intel SVP and president of Intel Capital Wendell Brooks said this year's investments represent "areas that will become increasingly essential in coming years as the linchpins of a smarter, more connected society."

Here are the startups receiving funding:

Artificial Intelligence

  • SambaNova Systems (Palo Alto, California, US) is building an advanced systems platform to run AI applications from the data center to the edge.
  • Cloudpick Limited (Shanghai, China) enables intelligent, cashier-free stores with grab-and-go shopping experiences.
  • Untether AI (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is developing ultra-efficient, high-performance AI chips.
  • Zhuhai EEasy Technology Co. Ltd. (Zhuhai, China) provides AI SoCs.


  • Pixeom (Santa Clara, California, US) offers an edge computing software platform that orchestrates cloud functionality on-premise.
  • Mighty Networks (Palo Alto, California, US) offers a platform through which brands and businesses can support communities, content, online courses and subscription commerce.
  • Polystream (Guildford, UK) offers Software Defined Imaging technology that enables interactive graphics content to be streamed at unprecedented scale.
  • Tibit Communications (Petaluma, California, US) is developing next-generation devices to provide a broadband onramp to the home, office or cell site, managed virtually from the cloud to the user.


Disrupting Manufacturing

  • OnScale (Cupertino, California, US) offers on-demand scalable engineering simulation software.
  • Landing AI (Palo Alto, California, US), founded by Dr. Andrew Ng, provides AI-powered SaaS solutions and AI transformation programs for industries including manufacturing and agriculture.
  • proteanTecs (Haifa, Israel) develops Universal Chip Telemetry for electronic systems.
  • Qolibri, Inc. (Roseville, California, US) is developing breakthrough proprietary solutions that address problems in semiconductor subfabs. 

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