Intel launches Saffron AI suite for manufacturing and aerospace

The new Saffron AI platform aims to help enterprises improve product quality and optimize supply chains.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

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Intel on Monday rolled out a version of its Saffron AI platform that aims to help enterprises in the manufacturing and aerospace industries improve product quality and optimize supply chains.

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The Intel Saffron AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support suite is described as a comprehensive package of AI powered software applications that speed up issue resolution for technical operations teams in complex manufacturing and aerospace businesses.

The platform leverages technology Intel gained via its 2015 acquisition of Saffron, makers of a cognitive computing platform that now plays into Intel's Internet of things, big data, and security efforts.

Intel said the new software suite uses Saffron's associative memory learning and reasoning AI technology to analyze structured andunstructured text data sets to find hidden patterns, trends, and similarities.

It does this by surfacing insights about previous issues -- like how issues were resolved, who resolved them, and what information was needed -- without relying on statistical models that need to be trained. According to Intel, the system will provide enterprises with a faster time to issue resolution, a boost in product quality, better maintenance planning, and supply chain optimization.

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"Customers including Accenture, a major aircraft manufacturing company, and even Intel are already receiving tremendous value from Intel Saffron AI software," said Gayle Sheppard, VP and GM of the Saffron AI Group at Intel. "It digs into disparate data sources to surface customers' best practices, providing them with the meaningful insights needed to resolve issues faster."


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