Intel-powered Macs won't get some new MacOS Monterey features

Obsolescence is already in the horizon for Macs with Intel inside, even if you just bought it.

Looking forward to getting all that MacOS goodness on your Mac? If you're running an Intel-powered Mac -- you know, like most Mac users out there -- then you're going to miss out of some features.

That's right. M1-powered Macs have been out for a little over six months, and already Apple is making some features exclusive to them.

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A look at Apple's listing of features for MacOS Monterey preview highlights which features will be M1-Mac only.

Examining the footnotes, the features listed as M1-only are:

  • FaceTime Portrait Mode
  • Live Text in Photos
  • Interactive globe in Maps
  • Detailed new city experience in Maps
  • Neural text-to-speech voice in more languages for Siri
  • On-device keyboard dictation

Want any of these features? You'll need a new M1 Mac. 


So, even if you just bought a shiny new Intel Mac, here's your warning from Apple that obsolescence is already on the horizon. 

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