Intel's CEO: The PC 'just doesn't die'

Demise of the personal computer is highly exaggerated, says Intel CEO Paul Otellini, adding that the PC is a "Darwinian device" which adapts over time.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said reports of the demise of the PC are greatly exaggerated. "It is fashionable to write off the PC about every three or four years, and it just doesn't die," he said.

Speaking at a Barclays Capital investor conference, Otellini called the PC a Darwinian device that adapts over time.  "One of the things that drives the business and will continue to drive the business for the foreseeable future is PC growth," he said.

To some degree, Otellini is talking Intel's game. He can't say the PC is dead when it is the largest chip maker on the planet, but he may have a point about the PC and netbook for that matter. The PC you bought 15 years ago looks nothing like the one you have today.

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