Intel's Krzanich outlines mobile goals following first quarter as CEO

Brian Krzanich made his first appearance as Intel's CEO on the quarterly earnings call.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Intel made waves at CES 2012 when it introduced its revamped mobile strategy, which fell flat and then virtually out of the spotlight entirely for months.

With a new CEO at the helm, look for mobility to take center stage again.

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Brian Krzanich made his first appearance as Intel's CEO during the second quarter call on Wednesday afternoon.

While he touched on a number of points, Krzanich honed in on mobility in particular, reflecting on several of the new product releases during the quarter.

Some of the more notable debuts included the Silvermont mobile architecture, the fourth generation of the flagship Core processors, and the integration of Intel LTE and Atom processor technology onto the 10.1-inch edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Noting some internal organizational changes too, Krzanich declared that the strategy and priority changes will focus on winning in mobility with an emphasis on Atom-based products.

Here’s more:

The changes we make [fix] organization, improve decision-making, and will contribute to a culture of even greater accountability. These elements are critical in the fast-paced, ultra-mobile environment. In addition to the organizational changes, we have made several strategy and priority changes that will allow us to focus and win in that environment. These changes will drive greater emphasis on our Atom-based products, bringing the full weight of our process and architectural leadership to the Atom family. We will move Atom even faster to our leading edge silicon technology, and focused on the SoC integration of key components like graphics, communication, and other devices. This does not mean we will lessen the value or leadership of our Core product family, but rather make Atom an equal player in technology leadership for the ultra-mobile space. Both product lines will be driving Intel's future. Some of the changes we're making are subtle, and some are more transformational.

Krzanich concluded his prepared remarks by teasing Intel will start "making moves and adjustments" in the market before commenting about them publicly.

He hinted we'll hear more specifics after the investor meeting in November, but for now he offered that these changes will be centered around "value creation."

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