Interact with HP experts on latest cloud-enablement strategies at Feb. 29 online event

CIOs will need to measure and integrate all those services at some time into a managed hybrid computing data center environment.
Written by Dana Gardner, Contributor

Cloud computing trends are now driving the need for a different approach to data center transformation.

The disruptions caused by the slack economy, data explosion and Big Data analysis, mobile computing, and social interactions are having a profound effect. Enterprises sense a need to move quickly in pursuit of their business goals.

This need to react quickly is also prompting the business side of the organization to exploit cloud computing – with or without IT’s consent. Forrester Research reports that business groups are adopting cloud 2.5 times faster than the typical organization's IT groups.

This, says Forrester, creates "supplier sprawl" as procurement of cloud services by the business groups remains separate and beyond control of IT. And that means a mess for CIOs who will need to measure and integrate those services at some time into a managed hybrid computing data center environment.

Cloud, in effect, is forcing a hastened and perhaps messy focus on what has already been under way: Services-oriented architecture, business services management, and an increased emphasis on process efficiency, and business-IT alignment.

Live discussion

To find out more on keeping the move to cloud models organized and rational, I'll be moderating a live deep-dive discussion on Feb 29, with a group of HP experts to explore how to cloud-enable and transform data centers. [Disclosure: HP is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

The stakes have never been higher for keeping applications and businesses up and running.

Register now as seats are limited for this free HP Expert Chat.

In this free discussion (registration required), you'll hear latest recommendations for how to create the roadmap and inculcate the culture and organization required to support the coming future state of hybrid services delivery.

First in the hour-long multi-media presentation and questions and answers session, comes the latest from one of HP's top cloud experts, Chris Coggrave, Global Director of Data Centre Transformation and Cloud Services at HP. You'll hear about the challenges and the payoffs of making these data center transitions well. Tellingly, much of what needs to be done is not strictly of a technical nature. Now is the time for making preparations for the new management, organization and processes required to support a service-oriented approach and successful cloud development.

After Chris's chat, viewers will be invited to participate in the interactive question-and-answer session with actual HP cloud-enablement experts. Moreover, both questions and answers will be automatically translated into 13 major languages to demonstrate how service and support services know no boundaries, time zones or language barriers.

Register now as seats are limited for this free HP Expert Chat.

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