Interxion expands European datacentre empire

Datacentre provider Interxion is boosting its European presence with a new Stockholm site and expansions to datacentres in Copenhagen and Frankfurt.
Written by Sam Shead, Contributor

Datacentre provider Interxion is continuing to grow its European empire by building a new datacentre in Stockholm and expanding sites in Frankfurt and Copenhagen.

The new Stockholm datacentre, simply named STO 2 to mark the fact this is the company's second facility in the Swedish capital, will be built in two phases. The first phase will be operational in the second quarter of 2013 with 2MW of power available to customers. 

Interxion CEO David Ruberg said in a statement on Tuesday that the company is building its second Stockholm datacentre to meet demand in Scandinavia. 

"We have expanded our Stockholm data centre twice in the past 18 months and continue to see strong demand in Stockholm," said Ruberg. "STO 2 will provide critical equipped space to meet our customers’ expansion requirements."

Meanwhile, Interxion is expanding its existing CPH 1 datacentre in Copenhagen to meet demand from the Danish market. The expansion, which is set to be operational in the second quarter of 2013, will add 300 square metres to the site.

Interxion did not provide a break down of how much is being spent on each site but it said the combined cost of work being done on STO 2 and CPH 1 will total approximately €17m. 

Interxion is spending a further €5m expanding its FRA 6 datacentre in Frankfurt, which will see 600 square metres added to the site. 

Ruberg said that demand for Interxion's services in Frankfurt is strong. 

Interxion has 33 datacentres in 11 European countries, including one on London's famous Brick Lane, which serves a high frequency trading market in the nearby City of London.

Telecity, a direct competitor to Interxion, is also in the process of expanding its existing European datacentres to meet increasing demand. 

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