InvisibleShield Glass+ 360 for Apple iPhone X: Protection for both the front and back glass panels

Over the past couple of years, glass panels have replaced the metal and plastic of the past. While glass allows for wireless charging and attractive designs with brilliant color schemes, glass breaks and thus a simple drop on the back can be catastrophic.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Glass screen protectors today are a common accessory where the tempered glass acts as a sacrificial panel to fail when you drop your phone so that the actual phone display remains intact. The newest ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ 360 system provides both front and back glass panels, along with a bumper case, for your Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X for is for $69.99.

The cost to replace a broken iPhone X display is $29 with AppleCare+ and $279 if you do not have Apple's coverage. However, if you break the back glass of your iPhone X, these prices shoot up to $99 and $549, respectively. There is also an initial $199 fee for AppleCare+ for the iPhone X, in addition to these event service fees.

Product details

The front screen protector is a tempered glass protector, the same as the Glass+ model that is sold individually for $39.99. This screen protector features Ion Matrix technology and is advertised as adding three times the shatter protection of an unprotected screen.

The back glass protector is a hybrid glass material that offers protection. Since you don't need to view the screen through the back, worry about touch sensitivity, or require oil resistance then this back glass panel can be composed of a different material than the front. It is also has less thickness than the front, which means that the iPhone X still works in most cases if you still want to wrap something else around your iPhone X.

This Glass+ 360 package also includes a clear bumper so that you can have a minimal case experience with the glass protectors providing some drop protection. The bumper has raised edges so that the camera does not rest on flat surfaces.


Inside the retail box, you will find complete installation instructions with a suggestion to view the installation video. To make sure I performed everything correctly, I went and watched the installation video before attempting the install. I previously struggled with the Galaxy S9 Plus screen protector, in large part due to the curved glass display.

With the flat iPhone X display and EZ Apply Tray that serves as an alignment guide to help you simply place the protector down onto your phone there was no need for multiple attempts to line up the protector.

I cleaned the display, used the dust removal sticker (before and after installing the EZ Apply Tray), and then confirmed there was not a spec of dust on the screen. I peeled off the back of the front glass protector and placed it down within the EZ Apply Tray using the two clear tabs.

You then start from the center and press down on the protector towards the edges to press it into place. Remove the EZ Apply Tray and finish working any bubbles out to the edges. My installation was flawless and there is not a single bubble under the protector.

With my previous S9 Plus experiences, don't be afraid to lift the glass protector up a bit and use the dust removal sticker if there is a speck or two that are still present. The protector should still be able to be installed without bubbles.

Clean the back of your iPhone X in the same manner and then peel off the backing of the rear glass protector. The EZ Apply Tray is not used to install the back protector. Alignment is primarily focused on the dual cameras and edges of the phone. Again, not a single bubble appeared when I applied the back protector.

If you want to use the included bumper, then you should place the back of your iPhone X into the bottom of it first and then snap it in place up towards the top. There is a wider unprotected edge on the back so placing the bumper on in this manner will prevent the protectors from getting lifted.

InvisibleShield Glass+ 360 for Apple iPhone X: in pictures

Daily usage experiences

Like other InvisibleShield glass protectors, there is black paint around the edges for areas where the display will not light up. The iPhone X has minimal such front areas so the painted edges are very subtle. These areas match up perfectly too and the protector looks fantastic on my iPhone X.

I used the clear bumper for a few days, but then removed it. It has too much flex and movement for me (long spans with minimal width lead to minimal rigidity) and in my opinion it takes away from the rock solid construction and elegant design of the iPhone X. There are raised buttons for the volume and right side actions with openings for the speaker and Lightning port.

Thankfully, my preferred Caudabe Veil XT, Moment lens photo case, and others all still work with the InvisibleShield glass protectors in place.

Visibility and touch sensitivity have not been impacted in any way with this protector installed. The front glass protector extends out to the extreme edges on all four sides so there is not any kind of abrupt transition or sharp edge where the protector ends.

Performance has been flawless and I have a bit more peace of mind using my iPhone X. My daughter recently dropped her iPhone 7 and the glass protector shattered while the iPhone's display was safe and sound. Given the high cost of the iPhone X, spending $70 for glass protection on both sides is a worthy investment with no real sacrifice in usability.

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