iPad 2 may still be available at Best Buy and other stores

Don't give up--the iPad 2 may still be available at your favorite retailer
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Matt Miller has a great summary of his hunt for an iPad 2 yesterday. For this reason, I figured they would be sold out everywhere.

Well, earlier today I was talking with a friend who had been browsing the local Best Buy. He has no immediate need for the iPad 2 since he already owns the original. That said, I confidently mentioned that they were sold out, of course. To my surprise, he informed me that they had plenty in stock.

So, before you hang your head in shame in your geek circles, waiting patiently for your iPad 2 to arrive in 2-5 weeks, do what Matt Miller did and call around to Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart and see if you might just be able to get your hands on one.

Since I also cover iPad news on this blog, I'm now tempted to go try to track one down myself. The distortion field must be penetrating my logical judgement, since I don't need one, but now am thinking that maybe I should get one.

Matt's experiences today (Saturday): I just wanted to chime in and let you know if you are in Washington State you may still have trouble finding them. I went to one Best Buy and called another and neither had any in stock today either. I think living in a region with a significant tech influence (Microsoft, Nintendo, and more) may result in us having far more purchases and less availability. I was able to pick up a green Smart Cover and the last camera connection kit though so today's hunt was still worth it, just bagged some smaller game.

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