iPad: Want to multitask on your iPad? Now you can!

Makayama has released Multitasking for iPad, an app that brings Safari, Twitter and Facebook all under one roof--simultaneously.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

One of the most requested features for both the iPhone and iPad is the ability to multitask. The new version of the iPhone OS (version 4.0) will support it to a certain extent, but there's no word on when that functionality will come to the iPad. If you don't want to wait for either the OS to support it or for a hack for the iPad, you can enjoy multitasking the legal way with Makayama's new Multitasking for iPad. I have to admit that at first I was skeptical, so I asked Makayama to send me a redeem code to give it a shot. Thankfully, I was surprised to see that it actually lived up to its claims. Instead of faking multitasking, which is what I was expecting, the interface actually lets you interact with Safari, Twitter, and Facebook all simultaneously. In addition, you can switch Safari between full screen and half mode, receive updates from Twitter and Facebook, and even get notified of updates from Twitter or Facebook while you're in full screen mode, courtesy of sounds embedded in the app. The Safari-powered web browser also supports tabbed browsing, and Twitter and Facebook will not disappoint either.

This is the setup screen. Twitter is on the bottom left; Facebook is on the bottom right

This is the in-use screen. The browser is on the top and I'm logged into my Twitter and Facebook accounts on the bottom. They're full featured, with each click of a tab changing the display in the appropriate box. I'll be playing with it more this weekend, but this just might be the best way for me to waste hours at a time on my iPad. I'm hoping that more apps are integrated into this one as time goes on, since I would love to e-mail while surfing and playing on Facebook and Twitter, too. Multitasking for iPad is currently selling for $2.99. If you're not convinced based on my glowing recommendation above, you can watch the app in action below.
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