iPhone 12: A damaged OLED screen will cost you $279 to repair, says Apple

Apple has cranked up iPhone 12 repair costs compared with its iPhone 11 prices.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Apple has updated its support page for iPhone screen repairs with new prices that show the iPhone 12 screen will cost $80 more to fix than the iPhone 11. 

An out-of-warranty iPhone 12's screen will cost $279 for Apple to repair, compared with the iPhone 11's screen repair cost of $199, marking an $80 difference between the two entry-level iPhone models. However, the iPhone 12 Pro's repair cost remains the same as the iPhone 11 Pro at $279. 

As The Verge notes, the iPhone 12 Pro's screen repair cost has not increased despite Apple's new ceramic-hardened display it developed with Corning, which Apple claims has improved drop performance damage by four times compared with last year's models. 

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The higher cost of repairing the entry-level iPhone 12 is likely to be because Apple has used more expensive OLED displays across the board for the iPhone 12 series, whereas the iPhone 11 featured an LCD screen. 

Apple's "other iPhone repair" costs for the iPhone 12 in the US are listed as $449, or $50 more than the iPhone 11 repair costs in that category. 

Apple hasn't listed out-of-warranty repair costs of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but these models have historically been about $50 more expensive than the smaller Pro model. Also yet to be revealed is the repair cost for the smaller-screen iPhone 12 mini. 

With an AppleCare Plus plan, the cost of screen repairs remains $29, while other accidental damage costs $99 to repair. 

As usual, prices for Apple products and services are higher after taxes than in the US. Apple has listed the screen repair costs for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 in the UK. Both models cost £266.44 ($344) to repair a cracked screen, or £70 more than the iPhone 11's screen repair cost of £196.44. 

In Australia, a damaged screen on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 cost AUD$439 ($309), while the cost of repairing the screen of an iPhone 11 is AUD$309.    

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