iPhone 12 production delayed, claims report

Apple's mmWave 5G iPhones could be as much as two months behind schedule, and Apple is ordering more older handsets to fill in the gaps.

The coronavirus pandemic has had an effect on many things, and the upcoming iPhone 12 may be one of them.

According to a report by Nikkei Asian Review, the iPhone 12 production has been badly hit by the pandemic, with the schedule now between four weeks and two months behind compared where the company should be for a September launch.

However, Apple has improved on the situation from a few months ago, where it was looking like the new iPhones might not launch until 2021.

According to the report, Apple has "aggressively tried to cut delays," with the hardware development team returning to the head office last month to keep things moving forward and suppliers working overtime to speed things up.

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The report claims that Apple completed the required Engineering Verification Tests (EVTs) on the mmWave 5G iPhone 12 in June, but that Design Verification Tests and Product Verification Tests need to be finished before mass production can begin.

"What the progress looks like now is months of delay in terms of mass production, but Apple is doing everything it can to shorten the postponement. There's a chance that the schedule could still be moved ahead," a source told Nikkei.

The report also claims that Apple is scaling back expectations for the iPhone 12. Initially the company had ordered components for 100 million units, but has scaled this back to a still very healthy 80 million.

Apple has also put in a larger than expected order of 45 million older iPhones for the second half of 2020 to cover the delay.

Would a delay of a month or so bother you?

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