iPhone 4 Bumpers back to $29--will Apple's PR nightmare resurface?

Apple's free case offer has come and gone. Will new iPhone 4 owners fork over cash for a case, or deal with the death grip?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

If you were hoping to get a free case with the purchase of a new iPhone 4, your hopes are going to be dashed. According to appadvice, some Apple stores have begun restocking the bumper and are again charging $29 for it, now that the free bumper offer from Apple has come and gone.

When the bumper first showed up I thought that it was way overpriced. I still feel that way, though I have been using one on my phone since its arrival and it has even saved my iPhone more than once.

I have to wonder if Apple stopping its free case offer is going to cause the company another PR nightmare. After all, as far as I know the company hasn't redesigned the iPhone 4 since antennagate, and if I use my phone without the bumper on it, I'm still able to death grip it, and cause the call to disconnect.

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