iPhone owners plagued by 'no service' bug after iOS 14.7.1 upgrade

The upgrade that takes the phone out of the iPhone.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

What seemed like a small update has, for some, turned into a huge headache.

Over on Apple's support forum, there are several threads from users complaining that iOS 14.7.1 broke their iPhones, causing a "no service" problem where users are unable to connect to cell service.

There are similar threads on Apple's developer forums as well.

While there doesn't seem to be a pattern to which phones are affected, I've seen reports of everything from the iPhone 6 to iPhone 12 affected, and the cause is clear -- upgrading to iOS 14.7.1.

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As to fixes, Apple has a support page that goes through a lot of different things, from rebooting to removing and reinserting the SIM card to nuking the network settings, but nothing seems to work.

And tech support from the cellular providers is also proving to be fruitless.

So, what's the fix?

I hate to say it, but right now it seems like it's a case of waiting for Apple to release a patch. If you've not applied the iOS 14.7.1 patch yet, you might want to hold off applying it until Apple releases an update.

Hopefully this isn't like the notifications bug, and a year from now we're wondering why Apple hasn't fixed it.

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