iPod touch with 2MP camera leaked (updated)

New leaked photos (and video) of a prototype iPod touch indicate that a 2MP camera may be in the device's future.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Well lookey here. Vietnamese Web site Tinhte has posted pictures and video of a prototype iPod touch with a 2 megapixel camera. Here's a great shot of the sticker with all the components meticulously detailed.


The unit, labeled "DVT-1" (for Design, Verification and Testing), is running a diagnostic utility from manufacturer Foxxcon that eschews the iPhone OS in favor of a more utilitarian UI with rows of icons for testing all of its various hardware functions (got to love that Serial Number icon, eh?):


Speculation abounds that the new iPod touch could grace the stage with the next-generation iPhone when WWDC opens on June 7, 2010.

This video provides a tour of the device.

Photos: Tinh Te, via Engadget

Tip: Engadget

Update: Eric from MacRumors writes:

This is an old prototype. The model number and serial number indicate it's a third-generation prototype manufactured in June 2009. So it's the same as the other camera-enabled iPod touches that leaked last year. Apple of course pulled the feature before releasing the new models last September. It doesn't mean a camera-enabled iPod touch isn't coming, but it would be a new model with presumably other changes in store.  And I'd be shocked if it came at WWDC instead of at a fall media event.

Read his post about it here.

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