Is a short course on SAP good enough?

A one-month course is a good start for a business person, but it does not provide the necessary hands-on technoloogy experience.
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Q. I understand there is an SAP course that only takes one month, if it is full-time, to complete. Can I actually switch to become an SAP consultant with just that one month of training?

Will I need to have any IT background? Also, I've never handled SAP, would that be an issue? I also read somewhere that consulting firms will normally hire an SAP consultant if they have done at least two implementations. Is that true? What is the demand for fresh graduates? Last but not least, I understand that Genova is providing training for this course and the fees are quite costly. Is there any other institute providing this course?

Career advice from Chong Yoke Sin, CEO, "="" target="_blank">NCS:
The one-month course typically provides the candidate with an overview of SAP. Candidates with some business related background like business or accountancy should be able to benefit from this course. However, it may not provide enough hands-on experience that an SAP consultant requires for the job. SAP consultants, both fresh and experienced candidates, are in demand now. Candidates who have prior experience tend to have better job offers compared with fresh graduates. However, fresh graduates who work hard can achieve much job satisfaction and have a good career after a few years. SAP courses are costly. However, fresh graduates can learn on the job. In addition, some organizations do conduct in-house training for their staff, besides having external courses.

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