Is the Xbox 360 Kinect 'going the way of the dodo'?

Is Microsoft Kinect motion controller for the Xbox is 'going the way of the dodo' because motion control is a 'passing phase'?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

If you're a gamer then you should follow John "Totalbiscuit" Bain's podcast channel over on YouTube ... you'll be cleverer for doing so. This guy has his finger on the pulse of gaming and his first impressions videos for new games are far more interesting and unbiased than what you see elsewhere.

In one of his regular 'Mailbox' instalments yesterday he said something that grabbed my attention ... that Microsoft big-seller Kinect motion controller for the Xbox is 'going the way of the dodo' because motion control is a 'passing phase.'

Check out this video starting at around 5:10.

What do you think?

Totalbiscuit is pretty scathing of the Kinect. Here are some choice quotes:

'I have a feeling that these motion control things are something of a passing phase, I think the Kinect in particular is.'

'People are going to realize that this is an awkward way to play games.'

'If you want to play a game on the couch then the Kinect doesn't really allow for that.'

'If the Kinect has to be there for a game then more often than not the game isn't the kind of game that your average gamers wants to play anyway because it's too simplified.'

'I think the Kinect is going the way of the dodo.'

I agree. The Kinect has bee a huge seller for Microsoft. It was the fastest selling gadget of all time in 2010. But I remember when the Nintendo Wii was a big seller too, with everyone and their grandmother playing it. Do you hear much about the Wii now? No. It was a passing fad. My bet is that the shine will tarnish off the Kinect (and Sony's PlayStation Move) and gaming will return to being a control pad based activity.


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