It's a great time to be a mobile tech addict

Sometimes we proclaim a lack of innovation has hit the mobile space, but the reality is, mobile tech is taking us into a fantastic era.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

As someone who has been heavily involved in mobile tech since it wasn't very portable, the advances we’re seeing now make this a wonderful time. Mobile technology has evolved to become an integral part of our lives, and it is fantastic to see it happen. It will keep getting better, playing an expanding role in society, personal growth, and generally making the world a better place.


Looking at mobile tech from a purely technical level you begin to understand how profoundly it is shaping our world. Pick a smartphone, brand and platform don’t matter, and you see the ability to communicate globally. Not too long ago we could only communicate with voice calls, and then mostly to those in our immediate vicinity.

Pick up any mobile device today, it really doesn’t matter which brand nor type of gadget, and you can tap into virtually all available knowledge in the world today. You will also have more computing power in your hand than at any time in history.

Laptops have become full computers that can fill the needs of virtually every business and individual user. This mobile tech has freed us from the desks we were chained to by the desktop PCs of old. We can take the entire computing system with us.

I predicted for years that tablets would become a major player in the mobile space, and that’s happened. They have come to every major mobile platform, and they are the truest mobile computer ever made. The tablet is such an important development in the mobile segment that even Windows has morphed into a mobile platform. Not the Windows Mobile of old, but full-blown Windows is now a mobile OS. That’s a very good thing.

Now there are virtually no limits to who we can keep in touch with, no matter where we are. We can correspond via email or social media with others almost anywhere in the world. We can share ideas and explain our beliefs with those near and far. We can debate those with opposing beliefs, which gives us a chance to grow as individuals. All of this is possible due to mobile tech.

Those of us in the developed world can use mobile tech for such trivial things as ordering food, while those in remote African villages can use it for significant things such as identifying counterfeit prescription drugs at the point of purchase. Others in remote areas can get medical treatment, otherwise unavailable, using the simple mobile phone.

People in times of turmoil can be heard all over the world, bringing awareness to their plight to the global population at large. The current riots in Venezuela, a place I was happy to call home for six years, have a new meaning with those affected being able to use social networks to let us know what is happening. We saw the same thing not too long ago in Egypt. This works due to mobile tech giving a voice to the outside world, for those who would otherwise be silenced.

Mobile tech is about to enter an even more exciting time, as companies begin to explore wearables. They seem frivolous now, but I see fantastic things coming in areas that will make lives better. I see a time when a wearable will sense a seizure before it happens, warning the wearer and those around him/her to take action. Wearables will constantly monitor blood glucose levels in diabetics, allowing them to better control this disease.

While healthcare providers use smartphones to treat patients remotely, wearables will be able to monitor vital signs to make that treatment more effective. Doctors will be able to spot changes in patients with chronic disease through a wearable that monitors the disease and wirelessly pings the physician. Treatment will be proactive, not reactive to episodes as is so often the case.

Businesses are adopting mobile technology at a rapid pace. It's not unusual to see smartphones and tablets in use all over the workplace. Workers are using them for everything you can imagine, and that will expand in the future.

When I think about the state of mobile tech as a whole I get almost giddy. It has evolved at such a rapid pace, and I am happy to witness this amazing evolution.

While following them is exciting, the joy of mobile tech is not just about the gadgets. Mobile tech is changing our world for the better, and the incredible thing is it’s only just beginning. It’s a great time to be a mobile enthusiast, and I am happy to be a small part of it. Pardon me for gushing, but it’s a very nice time for this mobile guy.

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